Hispanic Art & Culture is a non-profit based out of Orlando, FL with national coverage. It was created because of the increasing demand for high-quality Hispanic artistic initiatives that promote Latino culture and heritage beyond musical experiences.


With the intention of bringing theater, paint and other forms of art and with the collaboration of well-known artists, this organization is setting up high expectations within our community.

Founders Milka Montalvo, Juliana No, Mariana del Valle, Sheila Gutierrez, and Mari Carmen Ordoñez, are recognized personalities within the Hispanic community in Central Florida and are starting this project in Florida with the intention of national growth and expansion.


“We want to make sure our community gets the same level of high-quality art and intellectual initiatives they are used to seeing in their countries. Not only for them but to ensure we continue to pass it on to younger generations who are growing here”. 


Promoting  Hispanic cultural diversity and heritage through art


Promote Hispanic artistic and cultural diversity heritage and its development in our community with high-quality content and initiatives that allow access to all members of our Latin community.


Position Hispanic Art & Culture as a center of artistic innovation and cultural activities for our community through its initiatives (visual arts, literature, theater, etc.).


Promote our culture initiatives that support a diversity of cultural and artistic expressions creating a dynamic space to share and grow our community’s interest in quality cultural activities.


Trust and integrity are the main focus as we intend to create a close connection with our communities and supporters. Creativity and knowledge are also at the core of our organization as we try to promote them not just to the public but also within.